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Wooden Cityscapes Sculpted by James McNabb

Like other miniature cityscapes we’ve featured in the past, The City Series depicts tiny skyscrapers made out of unusual materials. But that’s where the likeness to other exhibits ends. McNabb describes his artistic process as “sketching with a band saw.” Each element of the exhibit displays intricate building-like forms shaped from woods of different light and dark tones. McNabb says his initial intent was not to build skylines, but individual wooden pieces which resembled tools or other strangely familiar objects. After he built nearly 250 of them in a day he noticed that they began to resemble a miniature city, and from there The City Series was born.

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production designThe Fifth Element (1997)

by Dan Weil

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Artist & Ceramicist:

Beth Cavener Stichter 

Painted Tattoo Design:

Alessandro Gallo

"Tangled Up in You"

Stoneware, Ink, Paint, Rope.

Total Installation height: 15 Feet from the Top Rope Knot to the


Total Height of the Intertwined Figures:

65” Inches Height, 42” Inches Length and 24” Inches Wide



My piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Skate or Die show! It’s all about the spooky and the sinister, mine showing the darker things that might be hiding out in nature.

A lot of amazing artists made beautiful work (seriously, look at it all) for this show, and I was completely stoked to be a part of it too. Prints and the physical boards themselves (which are a hundred percent skateable) are available here.

Flight Rising

Yeah, curiosity got the better of me. I’m on Flight Rising now, friend me if you’re on here too!



The kiss of death.

This astonishing sculpture forms part of Barcelona’s Poblenou Cemetery.  The Kiss of Death (El Petó de la Mortin Catalan and El beso de la muerte in Spanish) dates back to 1930. A winged skeleton bestows a kiss on the lips of a handsome young man: is it ecstasy on his face or resignation? Little wonder the sculpture elicits strong and varying responses from whoever gazes upon it.

My color studies from this week! I plan on doing a master study over the weekend too. 

To everyone at NYCC, have fun and stay cool. <3



La Llorona and the Blue Lady. Characters for my friend’s kickstarter. 
Today is the last day to fund his short film featuring these divinities - less than $700 to go! Please donate to see my creatures brought to life! And a huge thank you to those that already have!

Check out the video and donate here!



Preview of Adventure Time - The Art of Ooo book.